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How affiliate marketing is going to work for you? Let’s simply put it this way, affiliate marketing is where you get paid for referrals. You are kind of like an online salesman. Many sales reps get paid a commission to sell things.

Here is an overview of the system. With affiliate marketing online, you are basically like a sales rep. We use a unique tracking link to send people to online vendors. When traffic you send makes a purchase or completes an objective that is part of that affiliate program, you earn a commission. For example, entering their name and email or entering their zip code. You would get a commission or a set fee.

The commission you earn can range anywhere from 2% to 100%. I did say 100%. Some of them offer 100% commission because their goal is to generate leads. They want to get those leads and then they have an upsell that coverts well for them and that is where they make their money.

Digital products are going to have a higher commission rate. Typically, it will be in the range of 50% and go all the way up to 100%. It can be as low as 30% or 40% commission too. It depends on the product. You can also be paid as a CPA which stands for Cost Per Action. Maybe you get paid $1 for each person that enters their email.

Sometimes, you can get paid a set amount every time someone makes a purchase. You may get $50 each time someone makes a purchase. You get a flat rate no matter how much the customer ends up buying including the upsells. Most of the major online retailers have affiliate programs. For example, has one. It may be limited in some areas though so keep that in mind.

Step #1 of affiliate marketing is to choose your niche market. Your goal is to find a super profitable niche market. You want to help people feel better, to do better, to save money, or to make money. Those are winning markets. You can help them with reducing pain, improving relationships, increasing their income, etc.

Your niche market is a targeted group of people that are searching a solution to a problem or they have an interest. You can become an affiliate for those that have an interest in model trains for example. Here are some ideas of winning niches to consider:

• Weight loss
• Fitness
• Dieting
• Making money online
• Work from home
• Internet marketing
• Blogging
• Improving your marriage
• Getting your ex back
• Dating advice
• Getting rid of acne
• Reversing aging
• Natural cures (for illness, arthritis, ailments)
• Self-improvement

These are all very profitable niches that you can do well with affiliate programs. Look for niche markets where you see ads running regularly. You can do searches that allow you to see ads on the top and the right hand side. Advertisers won’t continue to pay in a niche market if it isn’t profitable.

Facebook is also a good one to look at it. See if there are advertisements in that niche market. You want to recognize which websites or ads are running over several days. If they aren’t performing, then they won’t continue to add it. The Bing search engine can help you to find out about a niche market. You don’t need to be an expert in your niche market. You don’t have to be passionate, 100% about that niche market.

I don’t agree with that. As long as it lines up with your ethics and your moral compass then feel comfortable to promote it. You can tell your friends and spouse and look in the mirror and it is a successful market for you to consider. You don’t have to be an expert to profit. You don’t need to have passion about it. Once you are giving people a solution and generating revenue, you will become passionate about it.

click bankI also recommend that you use Clickbank Marketplace for ideas for digital products. The marketplace is at the top of On the left hand side you will find tons of categories with products you can promote. I like Clickbank as they are consistent and they always pay on time. You can make lots of money promoting for a niche market with any of these ideas.


 CJLook at affiliate networks for ideas of products you can promote. One of them that is big is





shareasaleYou can also look at





Think of every day services you use that you can recommend? What do you use consistently that could help others? They may have an affiliate program that you can join. You can look at the footer of the website to find out.

That will help you to find a niche market. You want to identify the niche market you want to pursue. You also need to be able to identify if there is an affiliate program for it that you feel good promoting and that you can really get behind.

It is time to get out there and to start doing some research. Use the tools recommended in this lesson and choose your niche. Get started on your way to affiliate income without having to spend any money on your business here.

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